A lot of people may be surprised to learn about the ongoing relevance of email marketing in today’s online Lakeland marketing services industry. After all, it’s a fairly old form of online marketing, considering the fact that it’s been around since the internet was first commercially available. With social media marketing and PPC, what place does email marketing have?

The thing is, because of how deeply ingrained emails are in our online habits, this is more relevant now more than ever and can produce great results when used properly. To help you out with this, here is a break down of an email marketing campaign to help with the effectivity of your Lakeland marketing services.

Email content

Of course, one of the most important parts of an effective email marketing campaign is email content. You need to be very strategic about how you create your email marketing content, from the subject line all the way to the body of the email itself. Remember that online users are faced with promotional emails every day, so when you come up with your email content, it won’t do to waste a single word.

Starting from the subject line, make sure that your subject line hooks them in from the get-go. Once you have their attention, keep the momentum going and make sure that your email content is engaging enough to keep their attention and guide them to the conversion. It’s important to keep this short, as too long promotional emails are prone to losing users’ attention easily.

Email personalization

Personalization is a huge deal in today’s online marketing strategies. With smart technology on the rise, more online users are expecting more effort from the companies that are marketing to them. Because of this, there are plenty of tools out there that allow you to maximize personalization in your email marketing, down to the location of your users. Even something as simple as using the user’s name in the email can really do a lot for your email marketing.

Email frequency

Now how often are you supposed to send out your emails for it to be effective? This is something that you definitely need to think about, as one of the biggest problems that online users have with promotional emails is how often then end up looking like spam. However, there is no perfect formula for how often you should be sending out your emails. Some companies send out their emails as frequently as once a month, while others send out an email every week. It’s all about finding what works best for your Lakeland marketing services.