Thanks to recent digital improvements that have been made possible over the years, there has been a significant increase in the usage of video in Orlando web design. Ever since the Internet connections have been enhanced and browsers have been upgraded, videos are being finally being given a chance to be included in web designs. This is an amazing development in web design because a video can be very persuasive in terms of catching and keeping the viewer’s attention.

So now you’re thinking: How can I apply this to my own website? Should I just use YouTube and make that appear on my website? Sure, you can. However, you’d also have to take into account how your website has been designed. Will simply embedding a YouTube video into your web design and calling it a day do the job for you? No? Good. Take this as an opportunity to learn!

If you want to know more about video embedding techniques, check out this list:

Back it up

A unique way of using video to your website is by using it as your background and have the text overlay it. This is quite an interesting approach to web design, as opposed to using only a static background. It immediately captures the viewer’s attention and makes them more curious about your website altogether. Depending on the video being used, it can also stir certain emotions that you might want your viewers to feel. However, you should make sure that you’ve removed the audio that comes along with the video you’ve chosen. That way, the viewers won’t be shocked when they visit your site.

On brand

One technique being practiced by many brands actually involves completely integrating videos into their Orlando web design. Depending on its focus and purpose, a video might include a presentation on a particular product. It may also demonstrate a certain process that is deemed important to the brand. This type of technique is a great way to show the viewers what they have to offer in a neat way.

It’s alive!

When it comes to exploring a website, it’s always quite the surprise when you hover your mouse over an image and it’s now moving. There’s nothing more pleasing than using the mouse-over effect and finding out that the image you previously thought it was has now transformed into a video. If you were to take advantage of this technique on your Orlando web design, it will surely make the viewers do a double-take.