Form sign-ups in your Lakeland website design is one of the more overlooked aspects of design. Some designers assume that sign-up forms are pretty straightforward, and don’t require too much time to be worked on.

However, you should always create your designs to be as intuitive as possible, that even kids can handle navigation with no problems. There is an entire branch of web design dedicated to that, called user experience.

While creating the design on your website is important, you must spend enough time and effort on your users’ experience. What good would a good looking website be if your users have difficulty navigating it? With this in mind, your signup forms and pages are one of the most important pages in your website.

User signups are considered conversions, and the more conversions you get from your site, the better. Whether on desktop or mobile app, it’s important to make sure that the signup process is seamless and easy on the users’ part. Here are some design practices that involve and effective signup process.

Simplicity will always be key

As we’ve said before, the signup process should be as seamless as possible for the user. In order to achieve this, the design of the signup process and page must be as simple as possible. Keeping it to a minimum can guarantee a higher conversion rate. You want to get the user to the endpoint, which is where the account holder has full access to the site’s capabilities, as fast as possible.

Limit the number of fields that they have to fill in

In line with the previous point, you need to minimize the amount of information needed upon signup. You don’t need the user’s life story just to allow them to sign up with you site. Ask for the bare minimum upon signup, and allow users to fill out their profiles and other personal information when it’s convenient for them. Requiring a multitude of fields to be filled out upon signup makes it seem like a lot of work just to access the app, and they may decide to close the site.

Do away with the extensive password requirements

One of the biggest problems with some Lakeland website design signup forms is the need for extensive password requirements. This makes it hard for some users to keep track of all of their passwords, and as a result, they may give up when they’ve tried a number of different combinations for their passwords. If security is an issue, you can require a fingerprint, PIN, or OTP option to help bypass this.