Dark themes are being used for a lot of Tampa web design projects nowadays. The reason behind this is that when done properly, dark themes can convey a strong feeling of elegance and cutting-edge appeal. However, the key point here is that you have to design the dark theme well.

While it looks simple enough to do, it can be very tricky to pull off and harmonize the different elements on a dark theme. To help make sure that you end up using the dark theme properly, here are some of the best practices for designing a dark Tampa web design theme.

Try out different colors

The trickiest thing that you will be faced with when it comes to designing for a dark theme is the fact that colors will be more challenging to work with. If you want to find the best combination of colors for your dark theme, consider trying out different colors to see how well it goes with the rest of the dark theme. This is especially important when your branding consists of colors that can be a challenging contrast to the darker theme.

Consider how the dark theme can affect other colors’ impact

Another point to consider when you’re thinking about the colors used in a dark theme is how the colors’ meanings can change when you put them up against a dark theme. As a web designer, you are probably well-aware of what color psychology is and how it can affect the overall message of your brand and design.

However, understand that when you contrast it with a dark theme, it can come off differently. For example, violet is a color that is used to convey luxury and spirituality, but when you put it on a dark background, it is almost villainous.

The same holds true for colors like green. Often used for environmental and financial websites, when placed on a dark background, it can look almost toxic. Always consider how your branding looks like against a dark background when you’re looking to design a dark theme for your site.

Don’t forget the basics of web design

It can be very easy to get caught up in the dark Tampa web design that you forget about everything else. However, you should never forget about the basics of good web design practices if you want your dark website to succeed in what you set out to do with it. You should never compromise the function of your web design in favor of visual appeal.