One of the biggest unsung heroes of any Orlando web design project is the management behind the project. It is easy to commend the web designers and developers because they worked on aspects of the web design that can be seen.

However, you very rarely see the management aspects of a web design project, which is where the project managers come in. They play a huge role in helping the web design project meet its goals. To understand the extent of their participation in an Orlando web design project, here are some of the best management practices that help move the success of a web design project.

Do an early project assessment

You should be aware of the fact that the management’s job already begins way before the project gets underway. Before the project sees a single element get designed, the project manager has to meet with the client to get the entire scope of the project and assess it accordingly.

The reason behind this is so that the project manager knows how much time and effort is going to be put into the project, which allows them to draw up a plan for the number of resources and manpower that they need to put into the project. As you can see, the project manager is already heavily involved in the project before any actual design work gets started.

Project planning

Now that the project has been adequately assessed, the project manager must now take the time to plan out the project accordingly. As mentioned before, they need to do an assessment to determine how much work and resources will be needed to accomplish this. In addition to this, the project plan will also include rough wireframes and other rough drafts of the project as a whole.

This is a good way to make sure that everyone involved in the project is all on the same page. The project plan and brief will then be used to loop in the rest of the team into the project’s scope. Accomplishing this step helps guarantee that there are no miscommunication issues later on down the line.

Manage client expectations

Not only does the project manager have to oversee the progress of the Orlando web design project as a whole, but they also need to work closely with the clients and involve them in the design process. The project managers of a web design project is usually the main contact person involved throughout the duration of the web design project.

They are the ones who have to make sure that the clients’ expectations are appropriately managed and will occasionally ask the client for any specific clarifications regarding the project. They are also the first person that the client will turn to if they have any changes or comments on the project, and are in charge of conveying that information to the rest of the team.