What is the goal of your Lakeland web design? The answer to this question should be defined early on in order to help create a direction for you to take in the design process. Having a clearly defined end-goal to your web design makes it easier to strategize the navigation and content of the overall website to meet that goal.

If you’re an eCommerce website, for example, of course, your response might be, “to see more products”. If you’re a services company, “to get more clients”. As a web content website, “to get more clicks”. The end goal always depends on the kind of website or industry you’re in, but at the end of the day, no matter what your goal is, they all fall under one category: conversions.

Everytime a user or customer performs the action that you designed your website for, then that means that the user has converted. However, there may be times when your web design might actually be hurting your site’s conversions, so it’s important that you keep an eye out for these.

Poor navigation

Navigation should always be top of the list when it comes to planning out the design for a website. The navigation of a website should be intuitive, and easy to follow. If a user comes to your website to look for specific information, then it shouldn’t be difficult to navigate the layout of your site just to find it. If users are struggling with your site navigation, you are losing conversions.

Overly “clever” design

Some designers sacrifice practicality for aesthetic, and this may really hurt site conversions. If your Lakeland web design features elements and design that look great, but don’t work well in terms of user experience, then you will definitely be missing out on conversions. Get rid of ghost buttons and hiding links around your website to the point that finding one page feels like a treasure hunt that nobody’s enjoying. Keep your site design simple, and to the point.

Too minimalistic

However, there is such a thing as being too minimalistic. The minimalist Lakeland web design has really been gaining traction in the world of web design, and you can see its application in plenty of websites nowadays. However, some websites make the mistake of making it too minimalist to the point where users don’t really understand what they’re supposed to be doing anymore. You want minimalist, not boring.

Poorly designed CTA’s

Calls-to-action, or CTA’s, and one of the most important aspects of Lakeland web design that contribute to a site’s conversions. Because of this, it’s very important that the proper care is taken when designing these. If you focus too much on the visual design and lack proper website copy and calls-to-action, then you’re going to see a lack in online conversions.