When you think about your Lakeland web design, you might be thinking about your content, your main page, and other primary aspects of your web design. One of the most underrated pages on any web design would have to be the contact page. After all, you don’t really think too much about your contact page. You can just delegate a small portion of the bottom of the page for your contact information, and that would be the end of that, right? You should know that when done right, a contact page can do a lot of good for your website and your business. In fact, it can help a lot in terms of boosting conversions for your website. But in order for your contact page to accomplish that, you have to make sure that you don’t accidentally make certain mistakes that can end up resulting in hurting your website, rather than helping it. Here are some contact page mistakes you should be avoiding on your Lakeland web design.

No contact page

Of course, one of the worst things that you can do for your contact form is not having a contact form, to begin with. While a contact form might seem like an afterthought compared to all of the other things that need your attention when building your website. A contact form gives off the impression to users and site visitors that you’re ready to hear from them, whether they have a question about your business, or if they’re interested in learning more about something. The lack of a contact page makes your website come off as impersonal to users. So the first thing to do to improve your contact page is to make sure that you get one.

Making it difficult to find your contact page

Another thing that you should be looking out for is how easy it is for users to actually find your contact page. Remember that navigation is still a very important part of your web design, and as such, your contact form should also fall under the scope of being easy to find by your user. Make sure that you include your contact form when you’re testing out the pages of your website to make sure that your contact page can be easily found and accessed by anybody who is looking for it.

Not responding to contact form submissions

Your users send out a contact form submission expecting some kind of response, and if they don’t get any kind of response, then they may feel like nobody is monitoring the contact forms and that they should move on. When setting up the contact form for your Lakeland web design, make sure that you also set up an automatic response system that responds to contact form submissions to let users know that their submission has been received and that they will get an actual response soon.