Websites are as ubiquitous for businesses as social media profiles. No longer can a business survive these days without a legitimate website that has an easy-to-navigate and content-rich web design. The key to legitimizing your presence in any industry is creating a website that has the capability to distribute useful information to your target audience. Without this website, customers are left wondering where to source accurate information about your business, your products, your services, etc.

Start with people you know

Word-of-mouth, the literal and the digital kind, is still the most powerful marketing tool. So many businesses have grown over the past years simply because their families, friends, and extended network spoke about how good their products and services are in public. They either tell their friends and families about your business in person or they post about your products and services on social media. People need to have a compelling reason to talk about you, though, so it’s not simply getting the word out. You must also “persuade” a person to talk about your business and recommend your company to his network.

Your family and friends are heavily invested in you. They are emotionally connected to you and they would do everything in their power to help you get started in your business. If one or two of them need a web design, they would definitely seek you out. This is where you start. Create a web design that will help a friend’s or a family member’s business and let them actively recommend you to their peers in the industry.

After you have exhausted your list of friends and family members, you would need another compelling reason to get the crowd to talk about you. By this time, you should have made enough quality work that your target audience would seek you out without a push.

Beef up your online presence

Have you ever Googled yourself? Aside from the fact that it’s interesting to see what other people see and read when they search your name, you would also learn a lot about your business’ needs when you search it on Google. Were there horrible reviews about your business that you were not aware of? Is your website appearing on the top of the search results? You can improve your online presence and standing by creating a legitimate website with accurate content, regularly posting blogs (even as a guest blogger in other sites), signing up for social media platforms, asking friends to link your site to their own (and returning the favor), and having a niche that you can focus on.