The Orlando web design is not your brand. That needs to be clear. However, it does represent your brand. It represents what your brand stands for—whether it’s chic or elegant or practical or luxurious. It is one of the elements that help build the trust of your clients.

When they visit your store, they create an impression of your brand. Do you have Instagrammable interiors? Is the store stuffy? Is it cool and chic? It is high-end? These should translate on your website, too. If you have an Instagrammable store, your web design should have the same characteristics. The elements should work to make the website chic and cool, similar to the things you screencap and post on social media.

Branding is an investment. It takes time to build a brand that people will trust. It takes time to earn this trust that you will only receive if you are constantly delivering great products and services. The goal of investing in branding is the same across all industries: to get customers to trust your brand. Customers must support your company based on their belief in your brand.

Brands Are Perceptions

Branding isn’t tangible. You cannot physically encapsulate what branding is. You know it by heart. Apple is a brand. When you see that logo, you think about functional, chic, and yet expensive smartphones. You know the history of Apple. You seek to validate your place in society by purchasing Apple products.

Brands are perceptions. They create a reputation in the mind of the customers. That includes using the names, logos, trademarks, and packaging across all platforms. They should associate a logo they see to a brand that they trust.

When you see the image of the Jumpman, what do you think about it? It’s Air Jordan. It’s Michael Jordan. He is a brand. Whatever he does will affect the sales of his shoes and other products. Jordan has been very protective of his image, even coming after a Chinese retailer for using the name Qiaodan, which was pronounced as chee-ow dahn.

Customers are more likely to buy from you when they correlate your brand with quality products and services. That’s what they should feel when they open your website. They should feel that they can trust your brand. But if your Orlando web design is complex, confusing, and messy, your target audience will feel the same way. You will fail to persuade them to support your business.