You have done the work. You made a stunning Tampa web design. It is now ready to launch. In fact, it has been launched. But how come it is not as attractive to other web users as it is to you? How can you increase web traffic? How can you rank higher on search engines?
Sure, you’ve used the right keywords and placed them all over the site’s content and backend, but why is no one coming on your site to take a look? This is the checklist you absolutely need before launching and moments after launching the website. 
Allow Search Engine Indexing
By default, if your site is built in WordPress, it cannot be indexed by search engines such as Google and Bing. Go to your dashboard, then setting. Uncheck the box that says “Discourage search engines from indexing this site.” Once you uncheck the box, Google, Bing, and other search engines will be allowed to crawl the site to look for relevant information that will put the site on the search results. 
Many sites forget about unchecking this box. They stay online without being indexed by search engines. Unless your web visitors type in your URL on the address bars of their browsers, you will not get the web traffic you want. 
Run a Speed Test
You can test the loading speed of your website on these: and They will tell you how long it takes for your homepage and landing pages to load. As a rule, your site should open within two to five seconds. That’s just how long web visitors are willing to wait for your website to load. 
You can do many things to speed up the website. You can optimize the images, which is the usual culprit for the slow-loading of your website. You can also check if you have enough bandwidth. If not, purchase more of it. 
Check Meta Descriptions, Page Titles, and Alt Tags
Every page on your website should have a unique title and meta description. If there are pages with duplicate titles and meta descriptions, edit and change them. To know which pages have duplicate titles and meta descriptions, go to Screaming Frog. As a rule, the page title should be less than 70 characters and meta descriptions should be below 200 characters. 
These are just three of the things you need to do after the launch of your Tampa web design. These will improve your website and in turn, allow your business to prosper.