The above-the-fold strategy came from the way newspapers are folded. According to experts, people only read the top half of the newspapers because of the way it is folded in half. That’s why the most important headlines appear above the fold. This is the same strategy that for many years now we see on Orlando web design. The most important information appears on the top half of your screens. For many, this means they no longer have to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

This works best for websites that are not completely filled up yet. This means that you have a limited amount of information that you can share with your customers. Such information can fit on the above-fold of your website, making it easier for web designers to prioritize what information the customers need to know.

Long-Scrolling Technique

But there are also some studies that showed long-scrolling may become more beneficial now and in the future. With so much information available to customers, companies are having a hard time prioritizing what needs to fit on that top fold. A single-page website is one of the most popular web designs today. This means that all the information about the company—from the homepage to the contact us page—are laid out on a single-page layout.

If you have loads of information to show and share with your web visitors, the long-scrolling web design might be the best one for your site. What this means is that web visitors are going to keep scrolling on your website. This increases the attention that your website will get from search engines such as Google and Bing.

By the time they reach the bottom of the page, they should be so attracted by the information they have read throughout the page that they want to positively react to the call-to-action buttons. You should get them excited about converting once they reach the bottom of the page.

What Your Website Needs

The question of whether your Orlando web design should have an above-the-fold or long-scrolling strategy depends on how much information you have to put on the page. If you do not have loads of information to share with your web visitors, you can do away with an above-the-fold strategy. This will keep the information concise.

For companies with loads of information to share, you can consider using long-scrolling for your Orlando web design. As long as you present the information in an interesting manner, your web visitors should react positively to your website.