If you’re considering a website for your business, you might be familiar with the custom web design and the templated design options that are available for your web design. Wherever you turn, you will see people advocating for either one. It is true that either one has its own share of pros and cons, so there’s no way of really saying which option is the best option out there. However, it is possible to learn more about either one in order to make the best decision for your web design. In order to help you out, here is a simple comparison between a custom web design and a templated design which will help tell you which one might be the best fit for your business website.


For many website owners, the ability to customize the site content is a very important to them, especially for websites that have to keep updating their website content and like to keep up with any recent web design trends. For this particular category, a custom web design would be the best fit for you, as it allows you maximum customizability and control. A templated web design can be edited, but only up to a certain point. If you find yourself needing to edit your website a lot, a custom design is the way to go.


Of course, everyone wants their web design to be original and unique, especially if they have a lot of competitors in the same space. If you go with a templated design, you may risk having your website look similar to others who have used the same template as you. With a custom design, you have the opportunity to create a completely original design that best reflects the personality of your brand. If your aim is to stand out, then a custom design is the way to go.

User Experience

User experience is one of the most important things to consider when creating a web design, as this will be taken into consideration when determining your page’s ranking. If you want to make the most out of your website’s user experience, then you should seriously consider going with a custom design as this option allows you the most control over how users can interact with your website.


It is no secret that a custom web design costs significantly more than a templated design. You have to factor in the cost of the labor and hours that it’s going to take to create a well-designed and fully functional website. If cost is a serious concern for you, then a templated web design may be your best bet.