There is a lot of work and care that goes into the decision-making process for your Tampa web design. For the majority of people, this is something that is easily overlooked, and this is a good thing. The mark of a good site design is the fact that you don’t notice if anything is out of the ordinary. However, the road to getting to the point where everything fits together and nothing stands out takes a lot of time and effort to get right.

One of the most important parts of a good site design is the typography used in your design. Keep in mind that the proper use of typography means so much more than just choosing the right font style. Size, color, placement, and other factors will have an effect on how your typography sits on your Tampa web design.

Increase color contrast

Designers like to see things sometimes from a purely aesthetic point of view, but looking at things from that perspective only can have an effect on their functionality. For example, when it comes to choosing the color used for the site’s font, it might look great to choose a lighter color, as it looks clean and minimalist.

However, if the background of your website is a lighter color as well, then this is going to end up causing a visual issue with your content and will make it hard for your audience to read your content. To deal with this, you should make sure to apply the right color contrasts between your font color and the rest of your site design. Light colors on your website should be contrasted with dark fonts and vice versa.

Pay attention to spacing

Whitespace is an important part of designing the typography of your website. Even if the difference in spacing options is minimal, it can have a huge effect on how readers take in your website.

Make sure to be fully aware of your site’s content and how readers will take this in. The right amount of whitespace in between words and paragraphs will play a role in how easy it is for readers to take in your content, as well as how visual harmony is achieved on your Tampa web design.

Use system fonts for inputs

On many websites, your users will be expected to input a little bit of content, whether they are filling out a form or signing up for a newsletter. You should make sure to set input text to the system font, which converts user input to the same font that the user is utilizing on their own system. This gives users the impression of control over the content that they are putting on your website and can help build trust between the user and your brand.