As an online user, there’s a lot about any Lakeland web design and website that you tend to take for granted. There’s nothing wrong with it, after all, any good website is designed to make a user’s experience as smooth and intuitive as possible. One of those elements that users tend to take for granted is a site’s fonts.

The thing about fonts on your website is that when it’s done right and done well, users will overlook these without sparing a second glance. But when these are done poorly, then your users will definitely notice, which can hurt the overall effect of your Lakeland web design. Read on to find out more about the importance of fonts in your web design and website as a whole.

It places emphasis

The most common use of fonts in any web design is in placing weight and emphasis on certain words and phrases, which work to naturally draw the eye to them. The importance of fonts in a web design came about at around the same time that the trend of responsive web design came about.

When it comes to responsive or mobile-friendly web design, the main goal here is to maximize a limited screen real estate, which means that websites need to say as much as they can in as little words as possible. Fonts help accomplish this by drawing the eye naturally to the most important text, which means that you can get your users’ attention without needing to use up too much space.

It helps with navigation

When used right, your website fonts can be used to help direct a user towards their goal. These are done by varying font sizes which help emphasize the next step that the user is expected to take.

However, while using varying font sizes and font styles can go a long way in helping users navigate and how they experience your website, it is still very important to maintain the concept of minimalism on your website to make sure that you don’t end up confusing your users.

Having too many choices and clashing styles on your site may lead to disaster on your website, so make sure that you maintain a certain level of consistency when creating your Lakeland web design.

Why fonts matter

One of the main reasons why fonts matter as much as they do on a website design is due to the simple, yet ironic fact that users don’t actually pore over every single word that they read on your website.

Users are used to encountering a lot of information at once, so they tend to skim content, choosing to take in the main points, rather than the text as a whole. Because of this, using as few words as possible on your content is pretty much a given. To make sure that those few essential words are read, you need to use fonts to draw attention to them.