One of the main factors in a Lakeland web design project that business owners have problems with is the length of the project. Some people think that putting a website design together is as simple as placing elements on a page together. However, this is more complicated than you think. To help you understand this better, here is a complete rundown on the Lakeland web design project timeline.

Website questionnaire and kickoff meeting

To get things started, many web design agencies give their clients a questionnaire for them to fill out. This is needed to get an idea of what the client wants out of their websites and designs. Afterward, the web design agency will meet with the client to clarify the points that the client filled out on their questionnaire. This will help the agency understand what exactly the client is hoping to get out of their websites.


The wireframe is the first visual look at the website design. This is a very simple blueprint and is usually made up of simple shapes to represent the different elements and pages on your site. This will give a general idea of what the site is supposed to look like.


Once the wireframe has been approved, the web design team can start on the mockup of the site. The site mockup is the first version of your website design and will start to resemble the real thing.


When the mockup is completed, this is to be sent to the client and reviewed, where they will then provide the web design team with their feedback and final approval.


As soon as the mockup has been approved by the client, the website is then placed in the development stage. This is where the website is finally being cemented into the final product that you and your audience will see.

Review and approval

The Lakeland web design will then be sent to the client for final review, where they will suggest any last-minute changes and tweaks to help finalize it into the website design that they envisioned for their website.


Once the final website design has been approved by the client, there are a few more things to take care of, namely, QA, the checking of the website SEO, and the final check of any grammar and other content that is on the page. Once this has been completed, it is now time to launch your website. Good luck! Make sure that you continue to have your site’s design updated to help keep it relevant in your industry.