Lakeland web designWeb designers, managers, developers, and freelancers have hundreds, if not thousands, of tools at their disposal. They can be more efficient by using these tools for their Lakeland web design. Using these tools wouldn’t only make designers and developers more efficient, they will also be shelling out less money.

Regardless of how complicated or easy your web projects are, these top 10 essential web tools will ease the job for you:

  1. ApproveMe

ApproveMe has the WPEsignature integrated into its UETA- and ESIGN- compliant platform. The tool allows you, the licensee and your approved users, to sign legally-binding documents straight on the WordPress site. It also has a contract builder that allows you to write contracts in just a few minutes.

  1. Zedity

Not everyone is talented enough to create cool blogs in a few hours. Zedity allows you to do just that. It’s currently the most innovative WordPress plugin because it can create blogs or sites by just dragging and dropping the boxes wherever you want them to be. You can customize these and choose from hundreds of themes, templates, and designs.

  1. UptimeRobot

If you will ever need a monitoring services for your website, UptimeRobot can best provide that particular service. Right now, it has more than 400,000 active users. What it does is to notify you through 50 different monitors if your website is down. You will receive notifications in your email, SMS, Twitter, push, Slack, and many more.


  1. Themify

Currently, Themify Ultra is the most powerful WordPress theme generator in the market. There are loads of beautiful and gorgeous themes and templates you can choose from. A website can be created in just minutes.


  1. WPForms

What takes long for web designers and developers is designing certain themes and forms. What forms, you mean? The contact form on your website, for example, has to be designed very specifically. WPForms will create all kinds of forms in just a few minutes. You or the designer won’t even have to write codes.


  1. Colorlib Newspaper X

If you plan to do a website with a magazine for a theme, you should have the Colorlib Newspaper X. This is being used privately or professionally for free.


  1. Logo123

This affordable logo service makes the process of designing a logo easier and faster. Having a logo generator means the power is now in your hands since your designer have the time to focus on the other elements of your site.