How can you optimize your blog posts to make them search engine friendly? While there are many bloggers on the internet, many of them fail to take advantage of the enormous power of blogging and content marketing. To help your blog get noticed, you need to use Lakeland SEO. Utilizing the keywords through your post will help rank your page better on search engines.

Research, research, research

Keyword research is essential for optimizing a page for a search engine. There’s a good chance that you are already using keywords without realizing it. However, there’s a variety of tools and techniques to help you find the relevant keywords to your topic. You can begin by using Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find keywords related to your topic and even spy on your competition to see what words and phrases they use for their own blogs.

Use the keywords throughout your blog

Once you have listed down the keywords that are relevant to your topic, you can begin utilizing them throughout your blog post. Put them on the title, the headings and subheadings, the introductory sentence, the concluding paragraph, the anchor text (text that is hyperlinked to other websites related to yours), and title tags and meta descriptions.

Optimize your images

Whenever you upload a photo or a video for your blog, make sure to use the keywords in the file name and fill out the alternate text field with a keyword-rich description of the photo. This will help in your page’s ranking when people do an image reverse search on Google.

Reference with links

When you mention another blog or website on your blog post, make sure to include a link to that page you are referencing. This is good blogging etiquette because quality links are a valuable commodity in the relationship between bloggers. You can also receive a link back from these pages you originally referenced in your blog.

Ask readers to subscribe to your blog

Your call-to-action button is an RSS or feed subscription button. This offers the viewers the ability to subscribe to your posts via email when possible. They will get instant notifications every time you post new content on your website.

Use social media

Utilize Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to your heart’s content. Promote your blogs on these social media platforms so you can reach a wider market. Since practically every living soul has access to Facebook, social media give you the opportunity to widen your reach.