Some traditional Lakeland marketing methods are in decline, but this does not mean you shouldn’t check out what still works for your business. For example, cold calls remain to be the number one method in generating warm leads and hot sales. Thanks to artificial intelligence that allows companies to call prospective customers using only voice recording, your business can close deals and make offers using the combined power of telemarketing and technology.


Whether you put up signage on your display window or wrap it around buses and taxis, signages are here to stay. People are becoming more creative using signages. There are less boring walls. Instead, signages are used on billboards (digital and traditional). They use more images and less text. Most of them are lighted and framed. They can either be in the form of prints or digital billboards. These can never become obsolete, given that they reach a wider audience across social strata and geographical boundaries (when used in moving vehicles such as buses and taxis).

Direct Mail

Your emails are going straight to SPAM or junk folder. People no longer want to open emails because of the danger of phishing and hacking. Direct mail is easier to understand, and it has a direct impact on its readers. Brand recall is also faster and better when they can see your ads in print. This is especially more useful if your target audience is senior citizens.


You can hand flyers and brochures in stores, boutiques, malls, and groceries. These are still the most widely preferred method of advertising for companies to offer special discounts and promotions. Your business isn’t well-known yet? This is the perfect chance for you to introduce your business to its target market. Never underestimate the power of handouts and how it can present new growth opportunities for your business.

Face-to-face Interaction

There is nothing like face-to-face human interaction to market your business. Cold calls and referrals work because of the interaction between marketers and customers. Face-to-face interactions work as they do for ages. People are used to speaking with other people. They trust you better when they can see you and talk with you.


Studies suggest that a buyer is 70% sure that he/she wants to purchase an item when he/she looks for it in a store. The other 30% needed to complete that buyer journey comes from the salespeople. Lakeland marketing and closing a deal is an art. It requires training and experience. This can be anywhere from customer care to client retention to the creation of strategies to persuade customers to stay with the brand.