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5 Tips To Securing Your Lakeland Web Design From Hackers | Brightsky Web Design

In this day and age, you cannot let your website vulnerable. You may think that there is nothing about your Lakeland web design that is worth hacking it over, but websites get compromised all the time and you don’t want that to happen to you. The majority of website breaches are not done to steal your data but instead, they want to use your company email to send junk mails or set up a temporary web server to do something illegal. In the end, one thing is clear: you’re set up for a lot of trouble if your website got hacked.

Keep your software up to date

This is an obvious maintenance security tip. Make sure that your servers are up to date, and this includes the server operating system and any software you’re using on your website such as a CMS or forum. If you are using a managed hosting solution, then you should not worry about this because the hosting site will take care of it.

Don’t give out details on your error messages

Error messages appear when there is a problem with the server. Since you’re going to be the one to craft your error message, make sure not to give out too much information on it. Keep the detailed errors in your server logs and show users only the information that will be helpful to them. Revealing too much details will allow hackers to hack into your server.

Use complicated passwords

This is an advice not only for your website’s software and server, but also for your users. Require your users to create a complicated and complex password for their accounts. They may not like it but the intention is to secure the information they tell you. Always make sure that the passwords are encrypted, so hackers won’t find it easy to get into your system.

Think twice about allowing file uploads

Even if the users are just going to change their avatars, there is a lot of risk that it could be a file to hack into your system. You cannot easily prevent that from happening if you allow files to be uploaded in your website. The best thing to do is to use a third-party file uploader, so you can be protected from such practices.


The only way for your users to feel safe about using your servers, especially when it comes to their personal and credit card details is to use https. This means that the site is secured and authenticated through security certificates. This is now a cheap service, so you should make use of it.