A qualified and reputable custom web design company would deliver quality services and products. It’s a substantial undertaking for any company to build a website that visitors can get information from about your business. But before finally deciding on the custom web design, the branding, the elements, and the fonts to be incorporated into the website, you must first choose a web development and design company.

How well do they understand your business?

It is essential to choose an agency that has experience in your industry. This will allow them to have a better grasp of what your business is and what’s the best strategy to market it through a website. That information will allow the agency to understand industry-specific needs, challenges, and competitors. Each client is different, so you have to know how the agency approaches each client and how they tailor-fit their planning development according to the clients’ needs.

What is the range of their services?

You would want to choose an agency that offers a diverse range of services—from conceptualization to design to content creation to marketing to management. It is more convenient to work in one bundle under one roof. Employing one agency can make the project communication, progress, and implementation easier.

Do they go beyond the front-end design?

A website should not only have a pretty face. The agency should not only be focused on making your website look aesthetically pleasing. They should also help the clients reach the SEO goals. They must use the latest technologies and they must apply the latest trends to ensure that the website will reach its target audience that will lead to increased conversions.

Does the agency develop a responsive design?

Studies have shown that 66 percent of internet access occurs on mobile devices. This means that the responsiveness of the website is very critical in its success. If the website is not optimized for mobile viewing, there’s a pretty big chance that the web visitors will simply jump to another site. The page elements must automatically resize to fit the various screen sizes available—from laptops to tablets to smartphones.

How impactful are the agency’s previous projects?

The agency is willing to show you their portfolio, but we doubt if they are willing to discuss with you the effectivity of their strategies and design. You should ask about the conversion rate of the websites they have designed in the past. You can check out if these websites are still existing and if those are the kind of designs and developments you want to see on your own site.