If you want your business to sell, you must get to know your target audience. You need to understand your audience if you are going to sell your business to them. Analyzing how they think and act and purchase is just one piece of the puzzle. When targeting millennials, the task is even loftier. If you are going to use your web design to attract them to your business, it must be designed to accommodate their needs, wants, and the high-tech and fast lifestyle they live in.

A web design made for millennials must be responsive and user-friendly. The design must speak authentically to their values, their pains, and their needs.

Be fast

Your website should load in under three seconds. You have to give these millennials what they want as quickly as you can. If you don’t, they will take their interests and business elsewhere. Isn’t it so easy to close the current browser and open another link to a site that’ll give you what you want?

Offer knowledge

More than anything else, millennials want new information. They go out of their way to gain new knowledge about things. They want to learn and absorb new knowledge, so be sure you have plenty of content—how-to articles, forums, learnings from other experiences, blogs, etc. This group will visit your website with the intention of finding information.

Easy navigation

This group wants to find information conveniently. Make sure your information can easily be located and there’s a clear path to the information. You don’t want to complicate your website for this group. You don’t want to force them to dig through your website or scroll to the bottom to get the information they want. If they want to contact you, the details should be easy for them to see.

Include incentives

Millennials are thrifty. They invest more in experiences rather than products. You must include incentives on the homepage because millennials love a good bargain. They will haggle and negotiate and barter with sellers, distributors, and manufacturers until they get the price they want. Seeing a promotion, a coupon, a discount, and a limited time sale will immediately grab their attention.

Be visually appealing

Millennials, above all, are visually literate. More than the words, they are focused on how the words look on the canvas. Focus on the bullets, the number points, the bold headlines, the italicized sub-headers, etc. You must also find a balance between friendly and professional in your web design.