Every Orlando web design must ensure that its site is easy to navigate. Otherwise, the bounce rate will be through the roof. What is a bounce rate, you ask? The bounce rate is the percentage of web users that leave your website a few seconds after they land on it. This shows that they didn’t navigate away from their landing pages; that they didn’t find your website appealing to browse. A high bounce rate is a no-no in web design.

To ensure that your website is easy to navigate, here are the five things you need to look at:


The logo of your company should appear on all pages of your website. When visitors click on that logo, they expect to be taken to your homepage. Make sure your website does exactly that. It will save them time when they want to go back to your homepage. Putting that logo on top of the web page is not only for branding. It can be used as a navigational tool as well.


Many web designers use a hamburger menu. It is a collapsible format placed on the upper-right or upper-left corner of the homepage. The hamburger menu, called as such because of the three-line icon that looks like a hamburger, expands when clicked. For many websites, however, a strip of menu items on top of the page works better. Whichever form you choose, make sure that the categories are arranged in order of importance.

Vertical Navigation

Do you know what an anchor menu is? This is important if you’re going to have a one-page layout for your website. This means the visitor will scroll down to find information about your company. An anchor menu is floating. It will scroll down with the page. This way, you can click on it if you have to return to the top of the page or browse to another page.


The footer is the last thing that will be seen on your website. Most of the time, the web users won’t even reach your footer. It pays, however, to make sure that it includes relevant information, too, such as your contact information and links to the different pages of the website.

Above the Fold

The most important information you have on your Orlando web design should be above the fold, which is the upper half of the page as it appears on the web user’s screen. Your web visitors should understand what you are trying to say without having to scroll down.