You may be avant-garde and want to break the mold. You want to be different. You want to be above your competitors. But the navigational elements of your Orlando web design is not the place to do it. Navigation is basic. It requires the most basic of things. Users just need to navigate your site and not wander aimlessly about. They want a website that has solid navigational features that will help them find the information they seek.

A web design with great navigation improves the experience of the users, thereby improving overall customer satisfaction, too. And what do customers do when they are satisfied with a brand? They recommend this brand to their network, allowing you to expand your clientele.

Link Your Logo to Your Homepage

Your logo should be a link to your homepage. This is a common practice for most web designers. This helps users go back to the homepage easily if they want to. There’s no need for them to find the separate homepage link on the footer or the header of the webpage. They can just click on the logo and that should take them back to the homepage.

Design Your Menu According to the Order of Importance

The menu should be on your header. Usually, it can be found on the uppermost right or left corner of the page. This makes it easy for the customers to find different pages on your website. You should also design the menu according to the order of importance of the categories.

Use an Anchor Menu

Are you using a one-page layout for your website? If so, you need to use an anchor menu, which will follow your web users as they navigate to the bottom of the page. If they want to return to the top of the page, all they need to do is click on an icon on the anchor menu. It’s the same action they need to take when they want to go back to any part of the webpage.

Give Your Footer Some Love

Your site’s footer is probably the last thing you’ll give attention to. However, you need to include important links there, too. It may be a shortened version of your menu and social media links. It should also have your company name and contact information. Other things that you need to include there are links to affiliates, FAQ, payment methods, blog, etc.

Remember the Above-the-fold Strategy

This is another important tip to make your Orlando web design more navigational. Your web users shouldn’t have to scroll down to find relevant information about your website. They should be able to get the information they need from above the fold of the screen.