Lakeland web designWhat do you need to know about a Lakeland web design company? How will you know this is the right company for your web design needs? First, you have to ask a lot of questions and by a lot, we mean a lot, lot of questions. Having a website designed by a professional can be pretty expensive. It doesn’t come cheap… not at all. So, with your hard-earned money in the equation, it is your duty to make sure that your business will benefit from it.


What is your background?


It means asking straightforwardly if the designer is academically trained or became an expert through experience. We don’t really discriminate because either these two backgrounds can create a well-designed website.


What have you designed in the past?


You want to see what other websites the designer worked on. You want to know if he has the eye to create the website you have in mind. It’s not enough that he describes what he can do. You need to judge for yourself if what he describes is something you are envisioning for your website.


How much do you charge?


Isn’t this the most important question you need to ask the designer? How does the designer charge for the website? Is it per page? Per revision? Per hour? Will he/she be paid in full at the end of the project or by installment and milestones? Be very clear about this because you have to input this in your business’ expenses.


How many revisions do you allow?


Some designers do not allow revisions on their works. They refuse to do revisions because they believe their work speaks for itself. However, as a client, you certainly want adjustments to be included in the contract. Also, revisions for some designers are limited to one or two edits. Some don’t even allow edit after the first draft. This is an important element of your relationship with the designer.


How much time do you need?


When do you need your website live? Your designer should reach a deadline and should work within an agreed upon schedule. Most web designers can finish a project in one or two weeks. However, if yours is a little bit complicated, it might take longer for the designer to finish it.


If your web designer managed to answer all of these satisfactorily, then that is a sign you have made the right choice.