The Covid-19 pandemic dramatically changed industries. In particular, shopping in person has been limited. Whereas before customers can safely stay in the shop, they now retreated to online shopping as a safer alternative. Before the pandemic, the retail industry is expected to make billions in revenue this year. That has been halted by the pandemic, which also forced businesses to refocus their energy on Tampa web design and the great experience it can provide customers.

Display Information on Your Site

Make sure that your web visitors can clearly see the information they are seeking from your website. That includes the hours of operation, contact info, health and safety precautions you are undertaking, and other important information. In light of the pandemic, customers are more conscious than ever about the way they shop and how safe these products are when they arrive at their doorsteps.

Highlight Return Policies

Ensure that your return and exchange policies can be clearly seen on your website. This will make your online customers more comfortable about buying from your store if they know that they can return and exchange the items. One of the problems of online shopping is knowing the exact measurement that customers need to buy. But if they know you allow returns and exchange, they will be more comfortable buying from your online store.

Show Related Products

Show your customers related products when they are browsing a particular one. It will help you make more sales, and it will help them identify things that they might need, too. For example, if a user is purchasing a smartphone, you can also suggest that they also buy a charger, cable, cover, and software program. You can also show earphones and spare batteries as “related products.” Your customers may add these to their cart, allowing you to make more sales.

Write Product Descriptions

Your customers will be unable to touch, feel, and see the products in person. The least you can do as an online seller is to provide a thorough description of what you are selling. You also have to make sure that your customers can ask questions about a product either through email, contact form, or social media. Make it possible for them to inquire about your products and services as if they are in your brick-and-mortar store.

Make Your Site Accessible to Everyone

Whether your web visitors are hard of hearing or have eyesight problems, they should be able to access your website with ease. They shouldn’t have a problem with your Tampa web design. How can you do that? Make sure there is contrast between the text and the background. You can also use transcriptions and captions.