Is Orlando web design responsible for the content of the website? Is it responsible for how effective the marketing strategies are? Web designers always forget that it is not their role to create great marketing campaigns. The web design is a tool to generate interest and attract web users, yes. However, it has no control over what’s written on its pages. The focus of web design is to make the site as easy to navigate as possible.

Plan the Navigation.

The starting point of a great navigation system is figuring out where the web users start. Plan the hierarchy of the navigation by writing the elements of the website down (either on paper or on your computer). You can use two ways to do it: through Google document or Excel spreadsheet or Word document. You can also use a diagram style for the navigation so that you can see what items fall under specific categories.

User-friendly Language

Consider the language you use when labeling the menu items. Yes, it can be tempting to get creative with copywriting but is the message clear? Even if your website is industry-specific, the word “marketplace” might confuse the web visitors. Use the word “shop” instead because that’s what everyone can recognize.

Use Web Conventions

The reason why almost all websites follow the hamburger menu is because they are based on conventions. And the reason why conventions work is because these are ideas that have received the support of their target market. The hamburger menu is a common language among web users. They understand how to use it. They expect to see it when they open a web page. Why, then, should you change anything?

Make the Primary Navigation Stand Out

The primary navigation should be consistent throughout the website. It should sit on top of the page, so it’s easy for the web users to find it when they need to go to another page or go back to the homepage. At most, the primary navigation should have a contrasting color or theme. It is easy for web visitors to identify the menu when it is designed this way.

Link the Logo Back to the Homepage

What happens when the web visitors click on the logo on your website? It should take them back to the homepage. That’s what everyone expects. That’s probably what you are expecting, too. This is a convention that is widely followed for all Orlando web design.