Less than half a second. That’s how long web visitors take before they decide to trust a website or not. Online visitors will decide if they want to stay browsing the website in less than half of a second. What can your Lakeland web design achieve in such a short time? If it’s taking more than three seconds to load, then you’ve already lost the huge opportunity of making a web visitor stick around.

Every year, the number of seconds a web visitor is willing to wait for a page to load before he decides to trust or not the website is decreasing. In 2006, it was three seconds. In 2014, it was a fraction of a second. In 2020, web visitors will decide on the trustworthiness of a website the moment it loads, which should be less than five seconds, studies showed.

Do you want to know if your Lakeland web design is attractive? Here are the five questions you need to ask yourself:

Does Your Page Communicate Trust?

A website needs to be designed well for consumers to trust it. One, it should publish your contact information, allowing consumers to reach out to you. Two, it should be secured so that consumers will feel comfortable transacting in it. And three, it should be designed well that your consumers will know you took great pains to impress them.

Are Your Customers Intrigued in the First Five Seconds?

What kind of reaction can you expect from your customers in the first five seconds of arriving on your website? Your Lakeland web design should impress them easily. Otherwise, they will leave the site and look for your competitor’s website.

Are Your Images Attractive to Customers?

Use only original and high-quality images. If you are going to use stock images, use those that aren’t always being utilized by other businesses like yours. It’s so easy to produce your own media content. Just take your smartphone out and you’ll be ready to shoot images for your website.

Do You Have Well-written Content?

Make your headlines attention-grabbing. This means that upon reading the headlines, the web users should be so intrigued that they’d want to open the content and read it.

Do You Grab Their Attention Through Events on Your Site?

Once in a while, make sure to organize some events on your website. This will lead them to your site and they will have the chance of appreciating your Lakeland web design. They may even navigate through the web pages and learn more about what you’re offering.