Finding a web design expert is a complicated matter because the success of your website will depend on his vision and his skill set. When you meet a designer, he’s going to show you a proposal for a website. Everything has been planned and thought out in advance. Asking questions will put that web designer on the spot and it will give you a better chance of learning what they are really about.

These five questions are by no means exhaustive or complete. They are guide questions that you can use in creating your own set of inquiries for the designer.

How much experience do you have?

A designer will not put his year of experience in his portfolio unless he has been in the industry for years. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to hire someone who only had experience in the industry for one or two years. But as a general rule, try to invest your money in people and companies who have been present in the industry for five or more years.

What kinds of websites have you designed?

A web designer with a wide range of experience designing many different kinds of websites will work best for anyone. If he has experience with eCommerce sites and microsites, then designing your website won’t be a problem with him. On the other hand, if you are looking for a specific designer who specializes in the kind of website you need and you managed to find one, then you know you are definitely in good hands.

Can I see some of the web designs you made?

A web designer should have with him a portfolio that will highlight his achievements in this field, as well as samples of the designs he made in the past. He might even offer to show you customer testimonials from past clients. If a web designer is hesitant to show you these or he has nothing to show you, it may be time to look for another designer.

How can the design help my company achieve its goals?

Your designer has to be specific. He has to point which features of the website will help your business increase its sales and attract more customers. Do not be afraid to ask for specifics because if you are dealing with a legitimate and professional web designer, he won’t be afraid to discuss the specifics of the project with you.

How long will it take to design my website?

Sometimes, the problem is not with the cost of the web design but with the duration of how long it will take a designer to complete it. There is no right answer to this question since it all depends on what you want to hear. If a designer says six months and you are on a time crunch, it’s time to look for another web design company.