Designing a website is hard enough, but redesigning one? That tops the cake. Not many people know that redesigning an existing Lakeland web design is not only time consuming, but mentally draining as well.

Here are the five questions you need to know from your clients before getting into this project:

What is the purpose of the redesign?

Why is the website being redesigned? This will help you understand what your role will be in the project and what goals the web owners are aiming for.

Are there current issues that you hope to address with the redesign?

If there is a request for a site redesign, it is more likely that the owners find something undesirable about the current design. What issues are these and how do they think that a redesign is what they need? Maybe all they need is to freshen up the content or the colors used on the site. A complete redesign often means a lot of work and as such, it is no small decision to revamp a website.

What is the web address of the website?

What is the URL address of the website? You will see from the URL structure if the current webmaster thought of SEO and the like. If the URL structure doesn’t have a keyword on it, expect that this project is going to be more than just a website redesign. You’ll have to refocus the SEO efforts, too. You should discuss this with the clients and make sure they know that Lakeland web design and SEO are two separate jobs.

Are you keeping this address?

If they are going to keep the address, you have your work cut out for you. This means designing a “we’ll be back” page, too. With a new URL address, you can design the website without worrying too much that potential clients are checking the site and finding it inactive.

When was the last time the site was redesigned?

It is also vital to know when was the last redesign of the website. This will give you an idea about how outdated the design is and what elements need tweaking the most. If the website was designed way before the existence of social media links and buttons, then you know something as simple as social media integration is still not in effect.