When a website is well-organized and well-designed, visitors can find what they are looking for faster. This saves time and energy. They will not be tempted to leave your website and look for the information elsewhere. This is why it’s important to focus on your Orlando web design, above all. The better your web design is, the more likely your customers are going to have a great experience browsing through it.

The only reason that web visitors mistrust or get discouraged when visiting a website is when the design elements have failed. In a study, 94% of the participants said they left the site because of the confusing design elements while 6% said they were dissatisfied with content.

Complex Layouts

No one wants to try to navigate through a busy or complex website layout. Everyone wants to know where to go and find what they are looking for. You think your website is so cool because you have a complicated web design? Think again. People are going to leave your website the moment they realized that it’s hard to navigate it.

Pop-up Ads

Browsers already have pop-ad blockers but sometimes, these blockers are not enough. Ads are annoying, though they are important for a website. Try not to inundate your visitors with ads. If you have to, put the ads on the bottom or the sides of the webpages. If they are properly written, the ads will make the impact they are intended for.

Small Print

Your website should not hurt the eyes of your web visitors. This means the text should be aptly-sized. The contrast in text and color should be balanced. It should be easy for your web visitors to read the content of the website. Don’t make it hard for them by using a small typeface.

Lack of Color

It is okay to use a monochromatic color. You can use a black-and-white color scheme for your website to make it look more professional. But lack of character in terms of the color you used can bore people. Your website, as well as its content, won’t appeal to them.

Slow Loading Time

Your website needs to load in five seconds or less. Otherwise, your web visitors are going to leave. If your website cannot load in that period for whatever reason, these visitors won’t return to give you another chance. You would have already lost them forever. Make it a habit to test your site’s loading speed every day. This way, you can prevent these things on your Orlando web design from being a problem.