Everyone knows the importance of the logo design to the success of a business. It is the face of the brand, company, and business. People search for the logo when they want to buy the products or services of a company. Your business can be easily recognizable by your logo. It is the mark of authenticity, trust, and genuineness. The logo reminds people of who and what your brand is. When they see an apple with a bite, they instantly remember Steve Jobs’ Apple. When they see a swoosh, they think about Nike. When they see a big yellow letter M, they think about McDonald’s.

Choosing your logo designer, thus, is a swim or sink. We cannot more emphasize the importance of choosing the right designer to create your company logo. Here are the things you need to avoid:

Hiring a friend

You cannot hire someone close to you to do business with you. That’s a recipe for a disaster. Although it is more economical to hire a cousin, a friend, or even a sibling with a decent amount of skill in graphic design to create your logo, it is not practical in the long run. You’ll pay for it heavily in the end because your relationship may also suffer as a result of misunderstandings.

Letting the designer decide on everything

You own the company, right? Or at the very least, you are the person responsible for creating a logo that will encapsulate what the company is all about. Never not know what you want to impart through your logo. There is always a message and that message cannot come from the logo designer. It may only come from someone who’s with the company and who knows what the company stands for. Figure out the kind of values that you want to portray through your logo.

Don’t choose your own fonts

We have a tendency to favor some fonts more than the others. Leave this up to the designer since he knows exactly what kind of typeface should be used in the logo design. Just remember to use the same font already being used in your company stationery. If there is none, remember to ask the designer for a copy of the font so you can use that on your letterhead, signage, etc.

Not reviewing the designer’s portfolio

You cannot take everything at face value. Make sure to check the designer’s portfolio and look for inconsistencies in his design. You have to know, too, the kind of projects he has been involved with in the past and how this shaped his design style.

Wrong file formats

While JPEGs and PNGs are nice and they are the standard formats of image files, you should also have the logo in a vectored EPS format because this will allow you to scale it up infinitely. You can then place your logo on business cards, pencils, billboards, and just about everywhere.