Many businesses now understand the importance of Lakeland web design to introduce their
products and services, as well as to raise awareness for their brands. They hire web designers
and developers to create a website for their businesses. It requires money, time, and effort. Not
only that, many businesses fall to various misconceptions about websites.

Your Website Doesn’t Need to Change

Wrong. Launching a website is just the beginning. Algorithms are changing constantly. There
are new rules about SEO every day. New technologies spurn new devices and software and
tools. Your website needs to keep up with all of these. Otherwise, you will lose your stronghold
on your audience. This is a catastrophe for any business.

Launching a Website Means It Will Go Viral

Wrong again. It takes months and sometimes years to make your website popular or turn your
brand into a household name. People will have a hard time remembering websites because
there is a lot of competition for their attention. That’s why you need to make sure your website
is updated and follows certain trends that fit the business. The more you stay away from
changes, the more your website will have a hard time catching up to the competition.
A Website Development Doesn’t Cost That Much
Sure, you can have a website designed and developed for a fraction of the usual cost, but what
does that mean for your business? But hiring experienced designers and developers will give
more credibility to your website. While you may save a couple of hundreds of dollars from
hiring an “affordable” web designer, experienced developers will ensure your customers have
great user experience while browsing your site.

White Space Is a Waste of Real Estate

Space on the internet is prime real estate. A lot of businessmen think that using white space on
their pages is a waste of, well, space. It’s not. It makes a page more readable. It offers a way for
the readers to rest their eyes. It makes important information pop out. Trying to cram
information on every nook and cranny of a webpage is a damaging strategy.

Fancier Websites Are More Successful

No, they are not. If anything, fancier websites are harder to navigate. The most important
factor for a website is the functionality and user experience. Having a simple and concise
Lakeland web design will provide a better experience for web visitors. Making sure that your
website is intuitive and easy to navigate are the two most important factors in designing a
website. It’s not the animation or the graphics or the forward-thinking elements. The
experience matters above anything.