Some things will just never go out of style, just like black and white and blue jeans. The same goes for Lakeland web design trends. Designing a website is a bit like science. And like science, web designers also have the prerogative to accept or reject certain trends.

But certain trends just won’t go away. We cannot deny the impact that these trends have made on the designs of websites in the past decade.

If you’re planning to have a Lakeland web design project, it is productive for you to know these trends that will stand the test of time:

Clean and Minimalist

Less is more when it comes to web design. Cluttered and chaotic designs may dilute the brand’s message and overwhelm your web visitors. But when the web design is clean and minimalist, your web visitors will be able to focus on the goal of your website, which is usually your call-to-action. A clean and sleek layout will never go out of style, so it will always be effective even in the future.

Mobile-responsive Design

The World Advertising Research Center said that by 2025, more than 72% of internet users will access the web through their smartphones. Optimizing your website for mobile is not an afterthought anymore. It should be a priority for any website owner.

Videos or Moving Visuals

Videos are going to dominate the internet more than any other kind of media materials. Web designs will benefit from video backgrounds because they can tell a narrative about the brand that still images and text just cannot. Videos are everywhere—from train platforms to streaming apps.

It does not only tell a better story about the brand, but it’s great for social engine optimization, too. Google prioritizes websites with videos.


Moving images don’t always have to be videos since these are bigger files and might make your website slow to load. You can animate the characters on your pages, as well as the scroll buttons and the loading elements. Animations are not very big files and they do not make your website slow. These little motions will create a more visually appealing website for your customers to browse through.

White Space

Also called negative space, these blank spaces create a tidy and clean layout for your Lakeland web design. Anyone who’s viewing a website with lots of negative space will feel that they have room to breathe. Sometimes, a website can feel too cluttered because of the text and images posted there.