Your website failing has nothing to do with the business… most of the time. It’s not about the kind of service or product that your business offers. It’s about the Lakeland web design and how your website is built. Below, we listed the five most epic web design fails in the history of mankind. Okay, that’s an exaggeration but you get the drift.

Not Optimized For Mobile Devices

There is something wrong with you and the whole web design team if you still not optimizing your website for mobile devices. A large percentage of the American population, roughly around 70%, uses their smartphones to access the internet. There are two ways that this could hurt your business: one, through user experience (web visitors will leave your sites and probably never return); and two, through search engine rankings (Google ranks mobile-friendly websites higher).

Not Responsive

In relation to the first item on this list, you should not make your website only mobile-friendly. It has to be responsive. When the web visitors access it through a desktop, the website must be able to respond according to the dimensions and resolutions of the display screens being used. You can check if the site is responsive using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool. All you have to do is enter the URL address to see if the site is responsive or not.

Slow Page Load Time

There’s nothing that web users hate more than slow-page loading time. If it takes them more than five seconds to open your homepage, that’s long enough for them. Generally, web visitors want a page to load in less than two seconds. If your Lakeland web design is experiencing a slow load time, chances are you also have a high bounce rate (the number of people who leave your site without interacting with it).

There are three ways to address this problem: reduce the number of HTTP requests to your site, optimize the images by reducing their size, and using a server side cache to generate static HTML versions of the web elements that don’t change.

Noticed something similar? Are you doing these things? If yes, it’s time to drop whatever you’re holding and let a capable Lakeland web design company rebuild your website. Your customers are suffering because of your negligence to follow good web design elements. Soon enough, you will notice instantly how a simple redesign of your site can help your business grow and flourish.