When it comes to running a small business, you will find no shortage of Lakeland internet marketing challenges. In fact, it will feel sometimes like you’re constantly fighting off problems that arise from your business’ need to be present on social media and do some offline marketing, too.

But the reason why we focus on online marketing is a smart one: everyone is online. Practically every person you bumped to in the street or work with or study with or converse with us on social media or at least using Google to search for something.

Having a website is a huge part of your marketing campaign but that’s only one part of the solution. There are challenges that must be addressed when it comes to Lakeland internet marketing. Here are those challenges:

A mobile responsive website

You may want to DIY your website but the problem lies in having to optimize that website for mobile smartphones and tablets. That’s right. Websites appear different only your mobile devices when they are not optimized to appear on smaller screens with smaller resolutions. We suggest hiring a competent web designer to make sure the site is optimized and responsive to all devices.

A blog page

You need to have a separate blog page for your business. It doesn’t have to be an entirely new website but it has to be an integrated page into your website.

This is where your potential clients can troop to when they need to get information about your business. They expect to find updated content on your blog page so you must find a dedicated content writer to do the research and writing for you.

A booking system

Whether your business requires an appointment or you can merely lead your potential clients to an e-commerce store, a booking system will help you organize the schedule. If you’re running a nail salon, for example, it would do you good to have a booking system because it will prevent catastrophic schedule mishaps.

A social media planner

It’s hard to always be online all the time. It’s even harder to answer queries as they come or to remember to post a meme or a link or a photo regularly on all your social media accounts.

Install a planner in your phone that will remind you to make a post on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. This will keep the pages of your social media lives updated. Always turn the notifications on, too, so you can answer queries as they come or you can schedule answering all inquiries at a particular time of the day.

An email marketing campaign

Email marketing still works and it should be a part of your Lakeland internet marketing strategy. Compose an email and personalize the email through various available programs. When an email is personalized, the reader would feel like it was composed just for him/her. Trust us when we say you’ll get a favorable response from the reader.