Designing a website isn’t as easy as it sounds. And while some people may think that hiring the “best” and the “brightest” will ensure their website’s goals are fulfilled, this isn’t how Lakeland website design works. Great ideas are not necessarily going to create a compelling website with all the right features. Meanwhile, some ideas start very simple and yet manage to create some of the most amazing and intuitive websites on the internet.

It all sounds crazy, huh? Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to make sure your website will not only stand the test of time but will fulfill its goals. You need to have these five inherent features of every great website:


You need to make a website that will cater to different backgrounds and abilities and disabilities. People need to have equal access to the information on your website. This means designing the site in such a way that even an illiterate can understand where to go. Perhaps, this is the biggest challenge in an ever-evolving market. Making accessible websites can alienate the able and at the same time, cater to the disabled. The fine line between these two groups of people makes designing a website more challenging.


Not all people use Google Chrome as browsers. Some use Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and even Omega. You need to test how your website will look at these various browsers. Not doing so will risk alienating a huge chunk of your target market.


The navigability of the website is the primary component to making sure your customers have an enjoyable experience browsing your site. If they cannot navigate your website, they will leave and find another site to browse through. The website should be easy to navigate for all people who are going to visit it, irrespective of their backgrounds and their abilities around the computer.


So many designers have failed to make readability an important element of a Lakeland website design. Choosing the right fonts so that web visitors will stay and read an article on your site is as important as optimizing the web for search engines. The three essential aspects of the readability of a website are these: typeface, layout or design, and colors.


Combine all those four mentioned above and you’ll end up with this concept: usability. Driving traffic to your website is, yes, a goal. But it is making them stay and visit again that’s an even bigger challenge. The information on your website should be easy to access. Websites with too many restrictions (not allowing printing, bookmarking, sharing, and emailing) will, again, alienate many of your web visitors.