This year is one for the books, huh? None of us will ever forget what this year had for us. But although we were stuck at home for the better part of the year, the remaining months seems full of hope. And unless you are living under a rock, you shouldn’t have missed that Orlando web design trends are popping over everywhere.

As businesses move their operations online, companies are scrambling to launch their websites in a bid to win over the competition. The year’s not yet over, so you may want to check out these five trends that are emerging:

Dark Mode

Both Twitter and Apple came out with their dark modes. The dark interface helps readers focus on the visuals better. It’s an easier interface for people with difficulty in eyesight to view. Besides, dark modes are always more elegant-looking than its counterpart. Maybe you want to try how it would look like on your website.


Elegant designs are great, especially at such a chaotic time. But do you know that sometimes, organized chaos can also be more appealing to web users? Of course, that depends on who your market is and what you’re selling. But for the most part, rearranging your fonts can bring in the drama that your brand badly needs. Just be mindful of how you use this concept. Remember that a visual challenge is different from complete illegibility.

Big Fonts

Bold typography is a popular choice for web designers right now. There is so much character to these bold and loud fonts. It’s being used both on websites and mobile apps. It also creates a nice touch by highlighting the visual hierarchy of the content. Your web visitors will know which of the headlines are more important because of the font size and style.


Animation on your Orlando web design will give you an increased viewership. Small motions such as the cinemagraphs keep your audience’s attention on the screen. Most web pages are lifeless. They have still photos and text. You can make your website different by adding animation to it. These animations will attract the web visitors’ attention.

White Space

This isn’t a new concept by any means. White space is easier on the eyes. It’s softer and the elements in it have more impact. Saturated web designs are a no-no. It’s about time web designers stop doing that. Let the eyes breathe. Let the designs come to life by adding as much white space as practical on your website.