Lakeland web designEvery year, a new trend on Lakeland web design emerges. It’s up to you whether to follow that trend or not. But more often, companies are bound to go with the flow because this is how they can keep up to date with their market, especially if you are targeting the millennials of social media.

Elements work in different ways. Some elements tell the story of your company. Some elements improve how the content looks on different devices. While it’s not always required for all websites to follow each emerging trend, almost all of them can improve the experience of the site visitor and possible client.

Unique and large fonts

If you are going to use a generic typography, forget about improving your business. The reason why companies such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Skechers, and many others have made it big in their respective industries is because they have a unique and recognizable typography. Before actually having someone design your website, make sure to create your very own typography. You will then use these fonts all throughout your website in varying sizes and degree.

Large pictures

The reason why you need to use large images is to convey an instant message to your visitors. Not all visitors want to read an About Us page as soon as they enter your site. A large and responsive image can convey the message you want and encourage the visitors to either scroll down or click on the “enter” link on your homepage.

Background videos

Although there is still contention on whether one should use a background video on a homepage or not, many companies are still following this trend. Why? It allows for visitors to click-through the video and get to know more about your company. Others find this a nuisance because of data plan and the loading time, but it’s still a useful method to engage with your visitors immediately.

Semi-flat or flat design

You can choose between an extremely flat design (no shadows and dimensions) or a semi-flat one (light shadows and dimensions). The reason why websites are doing this is because it allows the pages to load faster and it makes for easier reading. Companies like Apple and Uber have utilized this element on their sites.

Card design

Instead of simply lining up your categories in menu, you can put them in a card design layout. These cards help in the visualization of categories for the visitors. They can easily consume bite-sized information because the card will show a photo and an accompanying text that explains what that category was all about.