When people are researching about a company or a business, they will turn to the internet to look for the website. They will get information from the website and they will use that information to decide whether to purchase a product or subscribe to a service. However, if your Lakeland website design does not conform to the visitors’ standards, they will leave your website and do business with other companies.

Here are the five common mistakes businesses do with their websites:

Static design

People are browsing the internet through their smartphones and their tablets. They are no longer logging into their laptops and personal computers to sit and browse through the multitude of websites. If your website is not responsive, they won’t appear as neat and pristine on smartphones as they would on laptops. Google also penalizes websites that are not responsive by giving them less weight and rank in search results.

Thoughtless design

Each element of your website is important. Do not just focus on the main page and the main content. Your navigation bar, your headers, your sidebars, and your footers should all work together to form one ecosystem of a living and breathing online presence. These areas are as important as your main page and don’t go lazy by simply filling them out with ads.

Confusing design

If your visitors cannot figure out a way to navigate through your site, they will leave the website almost immediately. The main rule is to design for what the customer wants to find and not what you want to say. Before putting your website on air, let someone else (a friend or a family member) browse through it and see if they would get confused with the design.

Outdated design

Websites require a lot of maintenance. The plugins and the themes should be updated or else, they won’t simply load when a visitor opens the site. Sure, you can put everything on auto-update but some updates could crash your website. You should always make sure to remove outdated content, optimize existing content, and fix broken links (especially outside links).

Annoying design

Do you know what is the most annoying element of a Lakeland website design is? It’s the pop-ups and the ads. An entry and exit pop-up are acceptable. However, a pop-up for every page is annoying and should be removed. You want to minimize the distraction and allow your visitors to navigate and browse through your website. Don’t annoy them with endless advertisements.