A logo design is an important component of your brand. Many times, this is the first thing that a consumer notices about your company or your business. It is a defining and the most recognizable representation of your brand. What do you see when you hear Apple? Or Google? Or Facebook? Or Nike? Or Under Armour? Part of your memories about these brands are connected to their logos. An apple with a bite for Apple. G for Google. F for Facebook. An inverted checkmark for Nike. A connected U and A for Under Armour.

You think the logo designers of these brands just sat down for an hour and so and drew the first inspiration they thought of? The process of creating a logo is painstakingly time-consuming. If you’re in the process of creating one for your business, here are the five characteristics it must possess:


Why do you think Google simply uses a G as their logo or why Nike just wanted an inverted checkmark? Sure, there’s a history to why these logos came about but they share one component: they are simple. People will easily remember what an F looked like for Facebook or how Apple uses an apple with a little bite on it. These logos resonate well to its target market.


Your logo should be scalable. It should be scaled up or down and still look good on paper, on digital media, and on many other platforms. When there are too many elements in a logo, scaling it down might render some elements too diminutive to be noticed. It loses its meaning, then.


Your logo has one goal: to capture your market’s attention. It must leave a positive impression on the consumers. What are the logos that you feel better after seeing? Maybe a favorite fast-food chain? A certain letter M? After driving through a deserted road during a road trip, we look for familiar signs to pick up a burger and cola. When we see that familiar M, we feel relieved. Somehow, we know that we’re going to get a pretty good combo of cola, burger, and fries.


Your logo should have that high-quality shine on it when it is printed on either a tarpaulin or a newsletter or when it is used on any web device. It should be optimized for mobile and desktop viewing.


Your logo, as we said, is a representation of your brand. How do you want your target market to see your brand? Your logo must be able to send the right message across to your market. It should look relevant to what you are trying to sell.