If you want to generate more leads for your website, you have to make sure your Tampa web design is in order. Aside from the aesthetics and usability, there are other crucial factors that your website must look into. These factors impact the site’s bottom line.


There are two things you have to remember about your site’s appearance. The first one is that it might look too outdated that it looked like it belonged to the 90s. The second one is that sleeker and modern websites adhere to new web design principles. Where do you stand? Somewhere in the middle? That’s wrong, too. You have to be on the spectrum of new trends.

Among others, these include a responsive design, parallax scrolling, big, bold fonts, eye-catching hero images, and multimedia content.


This one refers to what impression you make on your web visitors when they first land on the page. You want them to understand what your brand is. You want them to know that you are a respectable business that has a modern Tampa web design. Several web design elements will show professionalism. These are the culture page, photos of the staff, and customer testimonials.


Your web visitors should be able to find what they need on your website easily. This is what clarity is all about. It means improving your navigation, making it easier even for senior adults who have no knowledge of technology to navigate the site.

There are two main navigation styles: breadcrumb and drop-down menu. The breadcrumb method is inspired by the story of Hansel and Gretel. When someone clicks on a link and opens a new page, the previous page gets added to the navigation bar. This way, the user can click on the back button to see the previous page.

The drop-down menu is when one can hover a menu title to see the pages that are on the website. These pages are also categorized accordingly. They can click on the page that interests them and the site will bring them there.

Load Time

How long does a web visitor have to wait before the homepage or any other web page on the site loads? The loading time is a major ranking factor of Google. Internet users want each page to load in as fast as five seconds or even less. If your Tampa web design cannot do that, prepare to receive scathing remarks or see your bounce rate go up.