Everyone has a preferred font face when they type on Word. Some of you may still be using Arial today. Some are into Times New Roman. Well, since you’re the only one seeing the font style, you may even like typing using Comic Sans. No one’s going to judge you. But when it comes to Orlando web design, you should be a little more structured when trying to decide what kind of font face to use.

There are many reasons for this. First, the font type should be compatible with the message you’re trying to send through your website. Second, the fonts should load quickly. Third, the fonts should be compatible with other typefaces already used on the site. And lastly, it should improve the readability of the text.

Start With the Fundamentals

Think about these things: serif vs. sans serif, kerning, readability, hyphenation, alignment, combination, and contrast. These are the first things to consider when choosing a web font. These are the fundamentals of typography. The fonts, above all, should improve the readability of the text. Otherwise, the web users are going to leave your site without reading any of the text you carefully curated for them. The message of your business will be lost to them.

Think About Compatibility

Choosing web typography is difficult because the interface and web browsers keep on changing every day. You have to pick a font type that will be compatible with both desktop computers and mobile devices. It may sound easy, but it involves testing the said fonts across multiple devices. As a general rule, web designers use fonts from Google Fonts. Doing so assures them that the fonts will work across different devices.

Use a Service

There is no shame in using a web font service. Many technical issues will be resolved if web designers will choose fonts already approved for the web. Some web designers opt for the free service of Google Fonts though this could limit them to the kinds of fonts available. Some other web font services are Adobe Typekit, Fonts.com, Webtype, and Fontspring. The downside is that these fonts are only available for use on web design and not for printed projects.

Consider Tone and Message

You must choose a typeface that matches the tone and message of the website. Is the project formal or casual? Should the typeface be small or large? What’s the mood of the overall Orlando web design? These are the questions that will help you pick the right fonts for the website.