While there are many things that you must do to improve your website’s ranking on a search engine such as Google, there are also several things you must remember to avoid when working to optimize your website and your content. Marketing today is being run by the quality use of SEO but there are many things that web managers do that hurt their own chances of ranking high on Google’s search results.

Images, for example, have their own SEO scores. People are searching the web now for images and the text associated with your site’s images could lead them to your website. But that’s not the only role of your images. You have to make sure that these images will work to market the products and services being sold. They must be unique, of high quality, and they must be relevant to the content of the website.

Here are the four things you must avoid if you want your SEO to remain relevant:

Stock images

Stock images don’t help your SEO score at all. Your website will look like any other website that use the same images. Even if you pay for the premium service with more access to good and new photos, this is still not the way to go if you want your website to stand out. How difficult is it to take photos of your own products and services? All you need is to place the products under good lighting and post-production can do all the work for you.

Low-quality images

Do you like watching grainy videos? Do you like a blurred picture of yourself? Nothing’s more annoying than low-quality photos especially now because we have a 24/7 access to a good camera (it’s on your phone!). There is simply no excuse for providing low-quality images for your website when even your selfie has a good resolution and has perfect editing.

Copyright infringement

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act assures the protection of licensed images. If you don’t have the license to use an image but used it nonetheless, you could be facing a very expensive lawsuit. There are plenty of ways to have a good quality image. Thanks to camera phones that almost have the same quality as quality point-and-shoot cameras, you can take photos of anything and post them on your website. There’s no need to face a lawsuit for a single image.

Irrelevance and disconnect

Images can help tell a story or simplify a content. Many people learn visually and they have a bigger and deeper connection to images rather than to the text. Make sure that the images you use on your website are relevant to the content. Otherwise, it would lead to a feeling of disconnect, which is detrimental to the ranking of your website.