Did you notice that there was a sudden drop in the number of web visitors you have in a week? Are inquiries suddenly down to a couple of text messages or calls each day? What could have happened? You may have not noticed it, but the problem could have been because of your Lakeland web design and your complete neglect of it.

When our websites are working seamlessly (which means no major hacking and no downtime), we barely remember that there are other facets of a website that we need to take care of. Here are the four simple things that we often overlook, but are all important for a website to work perfectly:


Today, more and more people are wary of signing up to certain websites. Gone are the days when we willingly give your email addresses away. Never has been the virtual world as scary as it is now with all the elegant and skillful hacking that people learned over the years. It is important that your website stays secure at all times. This means updating your security and anti-virus software and making sure that the data you send out is encrypted. Your web visitors will feel safe if your URL address has an https:// before it.


Is your website SEO-friendly? Can search engines such as Google crawl your website to find the information that a web user is searching for? Does your website have a sitemap? This makes it easier for search engines to crawl the information on any website and index it for future use. Your website’s SEO might need upgrading. Every day, there’s a new rule that affects Google’s algorithm. Make sure you are aware of these SEO rules so you can make the appropriate changes on your website and make it compliant.


If the images you post on your website are not optimized, they may be eating up your bandwidth. In turn, this will slow down the loading speed of your website. Check the images and make sure they are not dragging down the site’s speed. Slow-loading websites fall victims to uninterested visitors all the time because it’s annoying to wait for a homepage to load. Remember the five-second rule. Websites only have five seconds to load in full before a web visitor leaves.


It might not be noticeable but the fonts you use on your Lakeland web design can be the reason why no one wants to read your content. Are you still using Comic Sans? Maybe it’s time to drop it and revert to the old Times New Roman, Verdana, Helvetica, Garamond, and Roboto.