You’ve worked long and hard for Google to rank your website on its first-page results. You’ve done the work. You followed the editorial calendar, made sure that your topics are interesting, input the proper keywords, mixed up the relevant keywords in your content, and used a variety of different content types—from blog posts to videos to images to livestream to animation. But somehow, your web page is losing its first-page ranking. There was nothing wrong with your Orlando web design … or so you thought.

You could be looking at the wrong components. You see, ranking high on search engine results takes a lot of time, effort, and research. However, one wrong move can result in your web page being removed from the search engine results.

Here are the five things that your web page has and that could be hurting your Orlando web design chances of getting ranked:

Domain With a Bad Rep

If you purchased the domain name from a previous owner, make sure you’ve checked that it wasn’t penalized by Google before. Because if it has a bad reputation, that can cause problems for your current site. It’s not your fault but Google doesn’t know that. Moreover, the search engine will require that you comply with the changes they want. But if the problems are too huge, you might be better off cutting losses now and buying another domain name.

Content Theft

You’re sure you did not steal anyone’s content, but how about others stealing your content? Are you sure duplicated copies of your content aren’t somewhere out there on the world wide web? The problem with content theft is that it could penalize both the original creator and the duplicator. There is no way for search engines such as Google to determine which page has the original content. Your page can lose its ranking because someone else has the same copy on their website.

What should you do when this happens? You can rewrite the content or take it down if it didn’t pass the plagiarism standards.

Dominant Ads

If the ads are too prominent on your website, Google doesn’t like that. It may end up penalizing your site because the ads are taking too much of the space on your site. Flooding your audience with too many ads doesn’t sit well with Google. It hampers the browsing experience of web visitors and slows down the loading of your web pages.

Content Farm

Are you buying content from content farms? Many of these are of low quality and have little to no information. They are also not relevant to what web visitors want to find out about your website. Instead of helping your site rank better on search engine results, these low-quality articles will push your web page farther down the results ranking. So, even though you have a great Orlando web design, your site will suffer tremendously because of patronizing content farms.