It is the 21st century and that means there’s no way we could remember all the tiny details, tips, tricks, and strategies that work when it comes to SEO. Ever since we have heard the term search engine optimization, we have been consumed with keywords and key phrases.
But that’s not how they work now. You cannot simply rely on one keyword. You have to know the right keyword density, too. You have to make the keyword work not only in the website content but on social media, too.
If you want to zero in on the most important tips about SEO, we listed down the five critical reminders that should be everyone’s guiding light in terms of using keywords to rank better on search engines.
Remove anything that slows down the site
Studies have shown that even a one-second delay in page load time can yield a 7 percent loss in conversions. People would likely go to another website if your page did not load the moment they pushed enter. There was a time when this was allowed, when page visitors could wait even a couple of minutes to five minutes before a page opens.
But this is a completely different time. People are restless and they don’t want waiting. It does not matter if you have the right keywords. People would jump to another website if yours cannot load fast.
Link to a trusted site
Do you know that some people are fearful about clicking on a link in a website content? They fear that’s it’s just a ruse to make them pay for something or to sell something to them. You should link relevant keywords to trusted websites. You would also benefit because those websites might link back to you as well.
Write for humans
What other content writers do wrong is to write for the keywords and phrases. They write content that is centered on the SEO and all they ever think about is the page’s ranking on the search engine. When visitors enter the site, they should be persuaded to use their credit cards. An SEO-focused content won’t be able to do that.
Encourage other sites to link back to you
The way to encourage other authoritative sites to link to your pages is by creating quality content; content that could help their websites, too. As long as you continue to create quality and fresh content regularly, these trusted websites will notice your page. Soon enough, they will link their pages to yours, too.