In 1996, content was officially named the king of Lakeland internet marketing. The digital world has been steadfastly getting bigger in those days and by 2001, the term content marketing was officially coined, paving the way for 130 trillion (and counting) of webpages currently indexed by Google. Can you imagine that? You’re competing with 130 trillion webpages. How can you get past that many information?

The answer is this: new and fresh content. You should have an editorial calendar that will remind you to research, write, and publish new content for your website.

Filling In Your Editorial Calendar?

We’ve all been guilty of this: writing content just to fill in the editorial calendar. We’re scheduled to produce one content per week so you write one without really studying what your market currently needs. Make it a point to do extra research when writing a new content. You can also do an SEO audit of your website so new opportunities for content can open up.

New Angle For An Old Topic?

If you find a new angle for an already discussed topic then, by all means, go for it. While we are tasked to cover the basics—product explainers, how-to, and resource guides—we must also identify the gaps between the content we created and fill those in. Every day, your market has new problems they need to solve. That’s an opportunity for you to provide information that will lead to answers.

An Unearthed Topic No One’s Talking About?

It’s very rare that you find an opportunity to talk about something that has never been discussed before. This puts you in the position of being a thought leader. You can provoke reactions from industry leaders and your target market. But when creating an absolutely new topic no one has written about, remember that you have to follow it up with creative marketing tactics to make sure you won’t get lost in the flurry of activities that the topic might trigger.

Write Something Everyone Is Talking About?

Proceed with caution when discussing something that has been written about extensively before. If you have something new to offer then go for it. But if you are going to rehash the same information you found on other websites, you may want to think about your position here. Unless you have new insight as an expert in the topic, it’s best to leave the topic and focus on other elements of your Lakeland internet marketing campaign.