A generic website may seem like an inexpensive solution to your website needs. It will cost you almost nothing to have your website hosted by free domain sites. However, it would cost you in the long run because generic websites do not appeal to the public in general. There is nothing unique nor interesting about them. It is essential that you provide your customers with a unique experience through a custom web design because it will help you establish your brand and will let you express how authentic your business is.
A generic website will let you customize a lot of its tools and elements, but you will still be boxed in because the design language is set to stone. A custom web design will allow you to personalize the website, whether it’s a high-resolution logo, images, or videos, your website will shine through its personality, its colors, its character. There are a lot of factors you need to consider when personalizing a site such as navigation, graphics, layout scheme, and graphics.
As you begin your business, you won’t likely need a big and complicated website. A simple website will do to introduce your brand and make your presence known in the online world. However, as your business grows, you want the opportunity to make your website bigger, too. That can be achieved through a custom web design with integration capabilities and tools. Then, there is also the mobile technology. People access websites through mobile devices, so your sites have to be optimized for mobile viewing. Most generic sites don’t have this option for multiple platforms.
A generic website will set the parameters of its own. As a designer, you only have to follow it and tweak some components a little. You are going to be boxed into a certain security design and you cannot change the content management software that comes with the generic website. This unreliability is one of the downsides of having a generic website. You will be forced to use a software that might not be secure. In turn, you cannot guarantee that your customers would have a stable and secure transaction with your website.
Part of the goal of a custom web design is to market the products and the services of the business. That is web marketing. But web marketing could not be successful without the use of content that is highly optimized for search engines. One of the goals of creating a presence for your brand is to aim for a higher rank in search engine results.