It is easy to think about a Lakeland website design when the audience is the millennials, these young people aged somewhere between 18 years old to 35 years old today. We know what they want. They want exclusivity. They want consciousness. They want trendy and Instagrammable products. They want viral videos and memes. They want content that is easily digestible. But a research recently done produced some very exciting news: that people aged 55 years old and above, our baby boomers, are now using the internet more often to purchase products and find information.

Marketing to this generation, this age group, however, is different than what we do usually with millennials. These are people who grew up in a different era and their expectations, especially when it comes to personal communication, are different than from millennials who grew up talking with their friends through text messages and emoticons.

Provide human interaction

Like millennials, the older generation is using the internet to shop. They are finding products and services they want on the internet and views online shops as a convenient way to purchase items. The lack of communication, however, throws them off course. While millennials have no problem purchasing items without confirming its availability and its features over the phone, the older generation want to talk with someone to make sure that they are purchasing the right item. Make sure that your 24/7 toll-free number is always accessible and there’s always someone who can answer their queries. You will lose an insane number of customers if you cannot handle this generation who still believes that talking to someone over the phone is the best confirmation to buy an item.

Make your eCommerce site navigate-friendly

What often drives millennials away is the unfriendliness of the website. If they cannot find what they are looking for, they are most likely to click out of the browser and find a website that’s easier for the eyes. The older generation expects the same thing. They want the Lakeland website design to be easy to browse through and they want to find the information as fast as possible.

Create high-quality content

What this generation wants is complete information about the product or service they want to purchase. They want to make sure that they are purchasing something that is made of high-quality materials. Creating high-quality content will not only attract this generation to your website. It will also help customer retention as they will remember your site as a valuable resource of information.