Using SEO has become the standard of content writing for the web these days. That’s fine and good because we want our pages to rank better (or the best) in search engines like Google.

But ranking high on the search results is not the sole aim of every website. We want to convert the visitors into actual customers. Sure, your website may rank high in search engine results but that does not mean that you are converting these visits into actual sales.

For all you know, people are simply clicking on the link, browsing one to two paragraphs down the homepage, and then leaving the site for another one.

The problem might be on how you use your SEO in the content of the website. If it feels forced and it the keyword does not flow with the overall content, visitors will easily catch on and they would not want to get sucked into a web of marketing pitches and promotions. The content should include SEOs, yes, but it should also be informative, engaging, rankable, and visually appealing to convince customers to purchase a product or fill out an inquiry form.

Write logical content

We’re sure that you have read a content with keywords and phrases that don’t exactly match the topic being written about. Isn’t that insulting? Isn’t that annoying?

A good content must satisfy the needs of the visitors for information about the kind of products and services your website is offering. They must be informed enough by the content that they would want to inquire from your company or would want to receive your weekly emailed newsletter.

The content needs to flow naturally. The points raised should be logical and should lean to the main idea of the topic—which is that customers need the products and services you are selling. An SEO writer knows how to make the keywords and phrases flow without sounding forced.

Use a variety of keywords

If your business is about repairing motorcycles, for example, there would be a lot of keyword variations. The top search may be “motorcycle repair in Lakeland Florida” but there could also be people who use different variations of the main keyword: “repair motorcycle near me,” “motorcycle repair Lakeland,” or “motorcycle repair nearby.” You should include all possible keywords in the content, though remember to let them flow naturally with each other.

Better content is, well, better

Better content trumps good keywords and key phrases. You don’t simply want to be on the top search engine result. You want to lead to more conversions, which is why you should improve the kind of content your website has.

Aside from the content, you need to make sure that the website is optimized for all types of screens—they have to be mobile-friendly otherwise, you are going to lose a huge chunk of your market.